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Announcing Capital Connect

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The Executive Team of 20/20 Foresight Announces the Launch of Capital Connect,

the Only All-In-One Real Estate Marketing Platform

20/20 Foresight is pleased to announce the launch of its new company, Capital Connect. Capital Connect offers the only fully integrated real estate marketing platform – the most extensive real estate contact database in the business, plus a full tech stack that supports email marketing, analytics, automatic real-time updates, client relationship management, and lead management. This platform will allow real estate professionals to expand their network, raise capital faster and more efficiently, and promote their services to the widest audience.

The Roots of Capital Connect

Capital Connect is the brainchild of the Executive Team at 20/20 Foresight. Founded in 1994, 20/20 Foresight is the largest real estate-focused executive search firm in the U.S. Ranked by Forbes as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiters, 20/20 Foresight has been motivated by a relentless drive for innovation. Over the last decade, 20/20 Foresight built an unparalleled database of real estate investment companies, private equity firms, REITs, and commercial and residential lenders. This database, comprised of 430,000+ contacts, was married to an integrated technology solution that supports email marketing, analytics, automatic real-time updates, client relationship management, and lead management.

A Game Changer

“We quickly realized we had something unique. Most robust email marketing platforms do not have a database. And most databases, rich with market data and research, do not provide a marketing platform. Our solution offers the best of both worlds,” noted the Founder of 20/20 Foresight and Capital Connect Managing Principal, Bob Cavoto. As a result, over the last several years, 20/20 Foresight loaned out use of its platform to friends of the firm. Robert Peck, Managing Principal, explained, “They found it so effective in their capital-raising efforts that we decided to share it with others and launch Capital Connect – the only fully integrated real estate marketing solution. We are confident that it will be a game changer for professionals throughout the real estate industry seeking a comprehensive solution for expanding and managing their networking.”

Range of Applications

Capital Connect’s platform supports a broad range of clients. Whether the client is a real estate company seeking capital from the widest variety of sources available, a CRE broker structuring a complex, multilayered transaction, or an emerging proptech company looking to market its services to an actionable audience, Capital Connect ensures access to the broadest network of contacts.

To learn more about Capital Connect, please contact

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